Above & Beyond surprise with new release, ‘Flying By Candlelight’Above Beyond Press Shot E1575338752301

Above & Beyond surprise with new release, ‘Flying By Candlelight’

Above & Beyond continues their unique and euphoric take on the big room sound with “Flying By Candlelight.” The suprise single also marks the trio’s long awaited reunion with “Tightrope” vocalist, Marty Longstaff. “Flying By Candlelight” is feelsy as ever, combining futuristic, pulsating synths with touching lyrics and euphoria-inducing drops that the trio has become known for. over the better half of the past decade. The club-ready appeal of the original adds a new edge to their soulful collection of releases.

Above & Beyond speaks on the track in an official release, saying, “‘Flying By Candlelight’ is a love song about a saviour who rescues our protagonist from a dark, lonely place, taking him through a spectacular night sky. A bit like The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, but a bit longer lasting!” They have released an original, club, and extended cut of the track, all of which are out now on Anjunabeats.

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