Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland release long-awaited ‘Lost My Mind’ days before kicking off joint tourDillon Francis Alison Wonderland 1

Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland release long-awaited ‘Lost My Mind’ days before kicking off joint tour

Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland are nearing their co-headlining tour, and fans can finally listen to the title track of the tour—a long-awaited collaboration between the two titled, “Lost My Mind.” The track is out now via Francis’s label, IDGAFOS. A mixture of punching vocals weaving in and out of catchy notes build anticipation as electronic layers heighten the tune’s intensity. Eventually, “Lost My Mind,” spirals into a dirty bass drop, releasing the pent up energy the two producers culminate in the intro.

Dillon Francis took to social media to explain how he and Alison Wonderland managed to link with one another, forming an unlikely bond over Croatian football. Eventually, the friendship would blossom into a collaboration and a full fledged tour to boot.


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Lost My Mind w @alisonwonderland is out now and there’s a pretty good backstory to how the song came about… The World Cup was happening and Croatia was heading to the finals (if you didn’t already know i’m half Croatian/Serbian) I think it was the game against London where I was tweeting about them and a fan noticed that Alison was too (Alison is Croatian as well)… A BOND WAS INSTANTLY MADE we were rooting for our little country who were the biggest underdogs ever in the World Cup… Croatia made it to the finals against France so Alison and I made a deal on twitter “if Croatia wins we make a happy song if they lose we make a sad angry song” the latter of the two happened and we started working. This song was so fun to make because we immediately had ideas bouncing back and forth where my idea would give her a better one & vice versa… fast forward to now and here it is! The bond we discovered from our little country turned into a full-fledged song & tour which I think is fucking incredible.. hope you enjoy. Croatia zauvijek Link in bio

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Both artists teased the release during their respective sets at EDC Orlando in 2018, and the full track has certainly proven to be worth the wait. It’s clear that Francis is returning to his harder roots after taking a brief bass break to produce his Latin-inspired moombah album, WUT WUTwhich nabbed him a Latin Grammy nomination at the tail end of last year. Francis and his Aussie counterpart will be kick off their joint tour in Madison, Wisconsin on January 31. Check “Lost My Mind” in full below.

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