Dolby creates app for recording studio-quality audio on your phoneDolby 234

Dolby creates app for recording studio-quality audio on your phone

Dolby recently released a secret app with the purpose of recording studio-quality audio from cell phones. The app was called 234 and cleaned up audio from voice notes by cancelling background noise and optional presets like “Amped,” “Thump,” and “Bright,” to create a more professional-sounding recording. Through a sign-up site, which is now deactivated, users were able to download the app. It was advertised as “having your own producer in your phone,” according to producer Dani Deahl from The Verge, who downloaded the system.

234 was reportedly easy to use. The user would tap the record button, and the recording software measured the room noise before starting to record. A basic preset was offered with an upgrade option to unlock six more presets, but users were only able to adjust intensity and no other parameters. The one-button solution for fixing audio still had its kinks, and Deahl ntoed that the advertising was strong for the final outcome. The beta project proved to be a test for the high-end audio quality company, striving for a perfect audio-recording software that can easily be accessible to consumers.

Recording studio-quality audio from a phone is a luxury and desired standard by audio recording companies, and Dolby’s leading the charge. Iterations and improvements from the beta are expected, and if created to a point where audio engineers are impressed, this will be a game changer for productivity.

H/T: The Verge

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