Four Tet announces exclusive new music for London exhibitionTet Live 2019

Four Tet announces exclusive new music for London exhibition

Known for live shows with an artistic flair, Four Tet‘s inventive side comes through in both his music and visuals. Now bringing his talents to the London’s expansive art scene, Four Tet has announced that he will be debuting exclusive new music at the Elephant West gallery.

Pairing with childhood friend and artist Anna Liber Lewis for an exhibition called Muscle Memory, Four Tet will be soundtracking the exhibition with three new songs. Only available for listening via headphones at the gallery, the music was “created in tandem with and respond(s) to” the art. Producing a multi-sensory experience, the artists encourage patrons to disrupt the “white cube” stereotype of an art gallery through free movement or dance. With a preview of one of the tracks available on Twitter, the exhibition is set to stay on display until March 17.

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