Grabbitz burns brightly in ‘Polaroid’Grabbitz E1548608107399

Grabbitz burns brightly in ‘Polaroid’

In disclosing his new release, Grabbitz openly and honestly told fans what to expect from “Polaroid.” “One time I got my heart broken. It was removed, thrown to the floor, kicked, pissed on, doused in gas and then lit on fire. Anyways, I wrote song about how I’m over it.”

When “Polaroid” arrived on Jan. 25, the Buffalo native gave his already emotive single the video treatment, burning polaroids of his ex and setting old memories ablaze. The visuals bring the heartfelt song to life, portraying the raw emotions that come with heartbreak and the end of a relationship.

Grabbitz’s use of spoken word in the introduction set the tone for the song and accompanying video: “Last night I burned a polaroid of you, not because I want you dead, but because I really love you.” What follows is a melting pot of genres as Grabbitz effortlessly drifts between hip-hop, pop, and alternative territory. He continues to demonstrate his easygoing versatility with each new release, leaving fans wondering what each new song will bring.

“Polaroid” follows the release of his collaboration with Pierce Fulton in mid-December, “Information Overload.”

“Polaroid” is out now via Ultra Music.

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