Illenium explores pop soundscapes with Bahari in ‘Crashing’Crashing Illenium

Illenium explores pop soundscapes with Bahari in ‘Crashing’

There’s a certain emotive quality that exists across all of Illenium‘s productions, regardless of what genre he produces under. In “Crashing,” he continues to explore his pop side alongside Bahari in what’s resulted in a feelsy and refined output. Love-drunk lyrics play a central role, with Bahari’s clear, precise voice wrapping around subtle guitars and euphoria-inducing synth harmonies. “Crashing” is the type of song one blasts on the freeway while belting their heart out in an impromptu¬† karaoke session.

Illenium has gotten his 2019 off to a strong start. Earlier in January, he made noise with his punk-leaning remix of Angels & Airwaves’ “The Adventure,” and right at the start of the new year he gifted fans with a pack of unreleased edits. It’s looking like the producer is in for an exploratory year if he continues the trend of breaking out of the future bass mold.


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