Jason Ross discusses the multidimensionality of his sound and new EP, ‘Rooms’ + PremiereJason Ross Rooms

Jason Ross discusses the multidimensionality of his sound and new EP, ‘Rooms’ + Premiere

Jason Ross’s ambitious EP ‘Rooms’ debuts tomorrow and we sat down with the LA-based talent to discuss his multidimensional sound and the genesis of what can only be described as an odyssey of sound and style. The 6 track EP is the culmination of months of carefully considered work, as well as collaborations with some of the best and brightest in electronic music. From progressive soundscapes alongside Seven lions, to vocal collabs with Jonathan Mendelsohn, and a full on psy-trance cut reminiscent of classic Anjuna, ‘Rooms’ serves as a showcase of both his production prowess and his versatility in the studio. Bookending the EP with two cinematic and richly layered compositions, Jason takes us through not only the past year of his artistic development but also his promising trajectory for his future as one of Anjuna’s most talented signees.

Check out exclusive premiere of his collaboration with vocalist Emilie Brandt and dive into the mind and motivations of Jason in our interview below:

Each track on the Rooms EP draws inspiration from various places that have impacted your career. Could you tell us about the happiest place in Rooms? And the saddest?
Many of the tracks draw inspiration from happy places in my life; from growing up in Minneapolis, moving to Los Angeles, playing at The Gorge with Seven Lions, and traveling on a recent 10-date China tour. Some bring forward some melancholy for the past, but most are happy memories.

Is there continuity between the “rooms”/songs on the EP or is each piece meant to stand alone?

Following the Rooms concept, each piece is meant to stand alone; Just as every room in a house has its own space, but every room is under one roof. Essentially, each ‘room (song)’ has its own story to tell, stemming from different parts of my own life.

What inspired you to make a more conceptual EP? Did you always have this concept in mind while working on the music or did you string it together afterwards?

This concept came when I started exploring other genres outside of trance. No matter what style of music I make, it will always have that sound and essence of me. So each room represents a different style of music that I love, stemming from different pivotal and growing points in my life and career.

“The Gorge” is the newest single off the EP, could you tell us a bit about the performance that it’s named after? How did this performance help shape your career?

I played b2b with Seven Lions at Above & Beyond’s ABGT250 show in Washington at The Gorge Amphitheatre. It was such a pivotal point in my career, and opened me up to another world outside of trance. ‘The Gorge’ represents that evolution and growth I had from that performance, and has led to some very new and exciting things, including the recent North America bus tour with Seven Lions and working with Dimibo on this track.

You just launched the first in a series of six “Rooms” DJ Mixes. Tell us a bit about this concept – does it allow you to experiment a bit with your style as a DJ?

The concept around the Rooms Mixes is to give listeners a window into the music that I’m into these days, and what they can expect at a live show. My musical taste is constantly evolving and this is a way to keep them in tune with that, while also revisiting some classics along the way.

You have a great relationship with Seven Lions and have released four tracks on his Ophelia label. Tell us about your working relationship with Jeff and what you’ve been able to learn from him as an artist.

Jeff is an awesome guy, and the relationship has really grown over the couple years of working together. He’s really helped in opening me up to trying new things outside of trance. I never wanted to box myself into one sound or genre, and he gave me that push to experiment. Now, with Ophelia, I have a home where I can release new types of music and it’s super exciting. I’m very thankful for all his support.

What can fans expect during your upcoming Rooms tour?

They can expect the classics that they know me for, along with new music and some twists and turns that I know they’re going to love.

How about the Anjuna family? They are one of the most dedicated group of fans in dance music and have a really special relationship with the Anjunabeats artists. What can you say about them?

The Anjuna family have always been there for me since the very beginning, and are some of the kindest and most dedicated fans. No matter where I play in the world, I can always expect to see an Anjuna flag, T-shirt or hat in the crowd, and I always point them out and give them a smile. They are very loyal to trance, but I’ve seen so many of them show love for the new music I’m putting out as well, and to me that shows dedication and love for me as an artist. It truly means the world. It shows that they love me for the music I make, not for the genre I’m in.

Jason Ross’s ‘Rooms’ EP will be available on all streaming platforms on 1/25. And you can catch him on tour at the following dates and locations.


Jan 25 – Exchange, Los Angeles, CA
Jan 26 – Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA
Jan 31 – Aston Manor, Seattle, WA
Feb 1 – The Church, Denver, CO
Feb 2 – Celebrities, Vancouver, BC
Feb 9 – REV, Minneapolis, MN
Feb 15 – Sound-Bar, Chicago, IL
Feb 16 – The Grasshopper, Detroit, MI
Feb 22 – L’Astral, Montreal, QC
Feb 23 – CODA, Toronto ON
Mar 1 – Soundcheck, Washington DC
Mar 8 – Vulcan, Austin, TX
Mar 9 – Gilt, Orlando, FL
Mar 14 – Sky, Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 15 – Spire, Houston, TX
Mar 16 – Lizard Lounge, Dallas, TX

*More dates to be added

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