LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy shares details on forthcoming live albumLCD Soundsystem 42Rp

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy shares details on forthcoming live album

Back in November, LCD Soundsystem announced their plans to release an album of live recordings from the famed Electric Lady Studios. Aptly titled Electric Lady Sessions, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has shared some details and thoughts about the album, which is due out on February 8.

Comprised mostly of tracks from their most recent album, american dream, the album will showcase altered versions of the band’s newer work while peppering in classic tracks like “Get Innocuous!” While these recordings are new, Murphy wanted to clarify that this was not a “new album” per se. Sharing some thoughts on Instagram, he put out the following statement:

“hi there.
there’s a thing we do, or have done historically, where while on tour and in fine fettle as a unit, we go into a studio and just record ourselves live playing a bunch of the stuff we’d been playing on tour for a while, and maybe a cover song. it started with us playing radio sessions at various radio stations, and we often really liked these recordings, as they’re quite different than the records, and then we wound up doing the london sessions in 2010, which we released as a record. so this is one of those.
we recorded this last year at electric lady studios in new york–the big room downstairs–and it was exciting, actually. it’s a good sounding room with a lot of history. hell, lennon and bowie made “fame” there, which was the first 7″ record i (james) bought back in something like 1976.
it has some old songs and some new songs, and a couple of covers from sheffield bands (this wasn’t intentional, but it just worked out that way. we’re not moving to sheffield). nancy sings on one, and al and i do our best phil oakey impressions on another.

to be clear, this is not what i would call a “NEW RECORD”. it’s just a compilation of live-in-the-studio stuff that we like to make and have out a la the aforementioned london sessions for anyone who likes that kind of thing. sometimes the best version of a song happens on those. i might argue that the version of “yr city’s a sucker” is better on the london sessions than it is on the LP.
anyway, this thing is out on the 8th of february. it will be on all of the magical streaming services, and if you like vinyl, you can pre-order it over here at DFA:”

With the album coming shortly and the track list found below, the forthcoming project is sure to be another solid piece in the LCD Soundsystem catalog.

1. Seconds
2. american dream
3. you wanted a hit
4. get innocuous
5. call the police
6. i used to
7. tonite
8. home
9. I Want Your Love
10. emotional haircut
11. oh baby
12. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

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