Marcioz impresses with classically arranged electro thriller17

Marcioz impresses with classically arranged electro thriller

Marcioz has released an impressive track entitled “Watch Out! Black God I$ in Town” that showcases the Brazilian producer’s classically trained background and sharp sound design. The intro is something like a fever dream that quickly dives into a Johann Sebastian Bach-like synth arrangement, accompanied by fast-moving chords and glistening percussion. As the melody slows, listeners are brought to a heavier installment of horn-sounding synths and stabbing kicks. A flute passes by, adding a soft contrast from the organized orchestral mayhem. Later on, a Spanish guitar creates a bridge between the first and second verse, which brings variation in its fills.

Last year, Marcioz released his debut EP, How to Make Love $tay, off San Holo‘s bitbird imprint.  Everything about his composition and arrangement technique is that of a professional composer, offering the musicality and branding of an introverted artist that deserves to be heard and hopefully, eventually seen.

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