Re-live the Fyre catastrophe in Detroit with LARP – details ‘TBA’Fyre Festival Lord Of The Flies

Re-live the Fyre catastrophe in Detroit with LARP – details ‘TBA’

Remember how Fyre Festival took on a life of its own in 2017 thanks to the help of social media influencers and the vague, yet desirable promise to have a party of the ages on a secluded island? If not, both Netflix and Hulu have got this topic covered in their respective documentaries. Or, something even more immersive awaits in Detroit: an actual LARP (Live Action Role Play), where guests can recreate the disaster in-person.

The event will be held at what organizer Michelle Birawer and her friends call, “the party island of Hamtramck,” which is actually a landlocked area of the city—much like Fyre attendees believed they were going to party on Pablo Escobar’s old island, but really ended up in a resort parking lot in Exhuma. It was originally planned to be held in the Belle Isle on the Detroit river, but city officials quickly banned it after curious fans began calling in to inquire about the event.

Fyre’s Detroit LARP has a funny backstory; it began as a joke event on Facebook, and like the festival itself, ended up becoming its own viral creature. Birawer promises to provide a historically accurate experience for participants, down to the sad cheese sandwiches from the original fest, shabby tents, and even gifting a few lucky guests with “influencer cards.”

See the event page here.


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