Skrillex’s undersung ‘Leaving’ EP turns sixSkrille Scary Monsters Nice Sprites Eight Years

Skrillex’s undersung ‘Leaving’ EP turns six

We’re celebrating the sixth anniversary of Skrillex‘s toned-down three-track EP, Leaving, which was exclusively dropped to members of OWSLA‘s subscription service, The Nest, on January 3, 2013. The extended play became public on Sonny Moore’s YouTube and SoundCloud pages the next day.

“Scary Bolly Dub” is a rework of “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites,” an edit of the mind-melting original that Skrillex played live and circulated on the internet a year before its release. One can really hear the slowed-down likeness toward the end of the track.

“The Reason” comes in at a cool 100 BPM — a few energy notches below the usual 140 BPM dubstep mayhem listeners were accustomed to at the time. This tempo has relevance these days in the slower wobbles that REZZ and other dubstep artists have been popularizing.

“Leaving” runs with a complex percussion pattern, showcasing Skrillex’s innate drum proficiency that he uses today for big label credit releases. The EP was a bit of a departure from his normal raucous tunes, showcasing a more tender side to Skrillex’s production capabilities.

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