Underworld emerge from the rabbit hole with ‘Appleshine’TimBuiting ADE AO Underworld 2017 166425

Underworld emerge from the rabbit hole with ‘Appleshine’

Underworld have returned with a new song to continue their Drift series, launching its second installment with “Appleshine.” The duo—who with their formation in 1980 were one of the first to explore electronic music—haven’t lost any talent along their extensive journey, with this 10-minute opus standing as a reminder.

Industrial and technical elements in “Appleshine” together create an emotive movement of music. Paired with a partnering video, the new track is the first piece of episode two of Drift, whose six-piece first offering was released in 2018. Throughout this episode, viewers learn its backstory.

“On that journey, Karl and Rick stopped at a pig shed in Essex; Rockingham Speedway; a hotel room in Reykjavik; AIR studios and a series of tiny club shows in Amsterdam, Manchester and London. Each of those stop off points helped influence the creation of DRIFT Episode 1 & 2.”

Photo credit: Tim Buiting

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