Wuki & Ape Drums release long-awaited ID, ‘Bed Squeak’Bed Squeak Wuki

Wuki & Ape Drums release long-awaited ID, ‘Bed Squeak’

Insomniac has signed on one of Wuki‘s prized weapons throughout 2018 until now. “Bed Squeak” is a truly nuclear production, built to shatter bones and eardrums alike with a heavy trap drop that works in tangent with shrill, robotic synthwork for maximum destruction. When listening, it’s hard not to feel like the Ape Drums-assisted tune is a sonic slap in the face given its high power. That said, it’s the kind of slapper that head bashers and bass aficionados have long been waiting for from the producer and thus welcome with open arms. Expect to be hearing it utilized on main stages for at least another year.

“Bed Squeak” comes hot off the tip of Wuki’s recently-revealed house edit to Lion King original, “Circle Of Life.” Is it something the world really needed? That remains to be seen. That said, it seems to be doing well among fans who enjoy a dose of Disney nostalgia in with their dance music.


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