Alan Walker and Steve Aoki enlist ISÀK for ‘Are You Lonely’Alan Walker Steve Aoki

Alan Walker and Steve Aoki enlist ISÀK for ‘Are You Lonely’

Steve Aoki and Alan Walker have teamed up for new release “Are You Lonely” featuring ISÀK. The track brings together one of electronic music’s more formidable combinations, and the bouncy release is what listeners would expect sonically from the two artists.

The instrumental and lyrical melody of the song are based on the original “Lonely” release that came out at the end of 2018 on Alan Walker’s album, now re-imagined with new lyrics, arrangement and performance. Walker spoke about the track’s re-envisioning in an official release, saying,”I’m super excited to get this one out there with my good friend Steve. We already released a version called “Lonely” on my album, and it’s been a fan favourite during my shows. So it’s cool to get this new version out there as well!”

“Are You Lonely” is out now via Ultra Records.

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