Bronze Whale breaks into 2019 with wavy new single, ‘Cruising’Cruising

Bronze Whale breaks into 2019 with wavy new single, ‘Cruising’

Multi-talented duo Bronze Whale make their 2019 debut on “Cruising,” a track that follows a series of experimental productions. In 2018, the Austin-based team started adding their own vocals to intricate instrumentals like “Warm” and “Patterns,” noticing an intriguing streak as the streams climbed upward.

Now, they’ve capitalized on their findings with “Cruising,” a release that blends indie soundscapes with R&B-style vocals from duo member Benny. Kicking off with some emotional lyrics and rising synth pulses, the track builds into an eclectic drop that’ll bring any listener into a positive dream sequence. “It delivered exactly the feeling we wanted,” the duo said of the track. “That first moment when the lights hit and a show begins. Cruise control on an open highway. Enjoying the night.”

With frequent Hype Machine highlights and peak playlist spots—including Apple Music‘s “Today’s Chill” playlist—Jaques and Benny are set for a big 2019, prepping to release their debut album The Shape Of Things in April.

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