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Burning Man confronts influencer culture with 2019 ticket changes

The Burning Man experience—with its cutting-edge art installations and cultural impact—has cemented itself as a one-of-a-kind event that brings together people from diverse walks of life. However, it has also notoriously attracted an affluent crowd and become an influencer-driven platform that only the most privileged can access. The deviation from the event’s original ideology has prompted Marian Goodell, the CEO of the nonprofit Burning Man Project, to publish a new statement addressing the issues at hand.

“Failing to make clear what behavior is unacceptable has compounded the problem,” she states. “I recently heard rumors of more than one product or business launch happening on playa in 2018. Seriously, people. This really isn’t Burning Man.”

The changes to 2019 ticketing structure include expanding low income allocation, adjusting high-priced ticket sales by reducing the overall number by 30 percent, eliminating limited sale, and more. Goodell hopes the initiatives will promote economic diversity and encourage attendees to truly connect with the Burning Man vision and community.

Photo credit: Karim Tabar

H/T: Mixmag

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