The Chemical Brothers release new single off of forthcoming ninth studio albumChemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers release new single off of forthcoming ninth studio album

The Chemical Brothers continue gaining momentum as a result of their recent reemergence within public earshot.

Their return endures with, “Got To Keep On.” The duo has formally announced their ninth studio album, No Geography, which will be out April 12 on Astralwerks. “Got To Keep On” employs a menagerie of vintage synths, which the group combines with chanting and an array of noises that have a strategic way of fitting within the thematic of the track. The track is the idyllic representation of what’s in store for the trailblazing electronic outfit.

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons of the group pushed the reset button when it came to crafting this newest album. They recorded the entire project in a tiny room that housed the kind of kit they had previously used to record the bulk of their first two albums. 20 years later, they revived the equipment to help spur creativity for the new compilation. An official release about the album states that the duo drew inspiration from the concepts of randomness and jagged edges, and that many of the songs were built around vocal samples. This has been apparent through the three tracks that have been released thus far from the album, “Got To Keep On,” “MAH,” and “Free Yourself.”

Track Listing – No Geography

1. Eve Of Destruction
2. Bango
3. No Geography
4. Got To Keep On
5. Gravity Drops
6. The Universe Sent Me
7. We’ve Got To Try
8. Free Yourself
9. MAH
10. Catch Me I’m Falling

Photo Credit: Hamish Brown

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