Claptone re-envisions select ‘Fantast’ album cuts on ‘Fantast Remixes, Pt. 3’CLAPTONE 2018 0928 234951 4311 ALIVECOVERAGE JCM

Claptone re-envisions select ‘Fantast’ album cuts on ‘Fantast Remixes, Pt. 3’

Claptone‘s Fantast train chugs ahead, as the masked house maven follows the second installment of album remixes with Fantast Remixes, Pt. 3. The three-track collection of Fantast revamps sees Katie Stelmanis and Patrice Bäumel step up to submit their take of “La Esperanza.” Joan As Police Woman and Simion follow suit with a reboot of “Good Sense.” Joan As Police Woman also provides an extended, solo version of the “Good Sense” remix, to round out the re-imaginative project.

Stelmanis and Baumel’s showing is a simmering revisioning of the upbeat, harmony-centric original, that luxuriates in the tantalizing drama of a prolonged build. Joan As Police Woman and Simion’s collaboration materializes as a percussive-driven remix, as does Joan As Police Woman’s separate extended effort. Despite their tonal and technical differences, each of the tracks find common ground in their collective rinsing of the Fantast originals in industrial aesthetics. A formidable followup to the second wave of Fantast takes, Fantast Remixes, Pt. 3 is proof that “good things come in threes.”

Photo credit: Julian Cassady Photography

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