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Claude VonStroke launches wacky new video series, ‘Stroke Show’

The Dirtybird label boss has launched a brand new video series called “Stroke Show.” Based on its premiere, the series will follow the weekly endeavors of Claude VonStroke, whether it be in the office or on tour. However, the techno DJ is known for his wacky personality, a trait that coincides with the video’s framework. It also appears to be a play on late night talk shows, with VonStroke as the host (yet more Eric Andre style for those familiar).

For Episode 1, he interviews a special guest AKA his personal assistant “since we’ve never done a Stroke Show before and have no viewers”. They talk through his experiences on Holy Ship! 2019, which consisted of 5 a.m. elevator interviews with attendees that were asked to make weird noises, losing money on poker, live pirate skits that weren’t exactly rehearsed, dubstep headbangers, and more. VonStroke adds additional context in the description: “Thanks for tuning in to the first ever weekly episode of Stroke Show. As you can tell, I had a great time on Holy Ship. I also interviewed my assistant, Maddie and my dog Q-Tip. Every week I will interview a guest and show a part of my crazy life as a DJ, Dad, Art Enthusiast, Music Producer, Event Promoter, Clothing Designer, etc.”

See a full list of upcoming tour dates here.

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