Crywolf – DRIPCrywolf Drip

Crywolf – DRIP

Simultaneously announcing his upcoming full-length album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt.1] and his US OBLIVIØN tour, Crywolf has released a new single “DRIP,” a moody, complex ensemble that captures just one of the several, nuanced themes his second career album plans to showcase. Dealing with the unknown, hopelessness, depression, anxiety and introspection, widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. 1] and its origins derive inspiration from an exploration into the darkest aspects of the human psyche. With “DRIP,” Crywolf puts forward a manifestation of these themes into a hauntingly, beautiful indie listening experience.

“DRIP” begins with a simple guitar riff and continues to build off intricate layers of whisper chops, mellow drums and delicate chimes. Crywolf’s almost rap-like singing holds a pervasive urgency that carries momentum throughout the entire track—a silent intensity that conveys a desperation mirroring the heaviness of lyrics like “I’m dripping with dementia.” The atmospheric choir interlude acts as the rare breathing space in “DRIP” that disrupts the driving tension, but quickly paces back into agitation before falling off into a soft, downtempo fade-out.

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