Machinedrum remixes Dugong Jr’s ‘Holding On’ with AustenMachinedrum U Betta Single E1550783916151

Machinedrum remixes Dugong Jr’s ‘Holding On’ with Austen

A few weeks after Dugong Jr dropped his airy electronic track, “Holding On” featuring Austen off Mad Decent, glitch-hop producer¬†Machinedrum has delivered his own glitchy rendition of the track. Machinedrum is no stranger to creating eclectic future bass-inspired soundscapes and certainly does the same with his remix of “Holding On,” embellishing it with his own distinctive drum flairs and plucky synths.

The original track is a floaty, sultry bop highlighted by Austen’s soft vocals and light synths. Machinedrum keeps the sensuality while completely transforming the song into a new piece of work, adding in dissonant flutes and crisp percussion that make for interesting layering. He tastefully builds an energy that doesn’t overwhelm the listener while maintaining a light atmospheric vibe. Thoughtfully constructed with a diversity of clean, bouncy chords and varied song structure, this remix gives “Holding On” a brainfood treatment that highlights Machinedrum’s ability to craft a complexity that parallels his signature style into any song he chooses.

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