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Listen to RL Grime’s EDC Mexico destruction

The internet can always be counted on to capture items that fans want most. Though EDC Mexico has just barely wrapped, recordings of different sets are already popping up in various areas. RL Grime has been included in this mixture of set retrieval, to the joy of bass fans all over; in fact, someone took the liberty of recording the entirety of his set through the Insomniac TV stream.

Clocking in at about an hour, RL’s set is the sonic equivalent of adrenaline. The iconic producer invigorates his crowd with a diverse set that packed in hints of drum ‘n’ bass, future bass, and of course, plenty of trap. As any EDC is quite the occasion for artists involved, RL Grime also dropped a few new IDs as well. Toss on the mix for a jolting, yet welcome start to the day.


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