EPROM releases striking first single from forthcoming ‘Aikon’ EPImage1 4

EPROM releases striking first single from forthcoming ‘Aikon’ EP

EPROM has unloaded “The Cat,” the first track from his forthcoming Aikon EP released through Deadbeats, and it’s unlike anything in the freeform bass space. Coming off last year’s In Praise of Darkness LP with Alix Perez from their Shades project, EPROM has shifted focus back on his solo work.

“The Cat” does what felines do best, ignoring human desires by playfully beckoning for attention on their terms. With a sinister tone and raw filter, the track plays with empty space while deconstructing club music and teasing listeners with melodies and builds. The song is intentionally evil with tension that evaporated into minimal sub bass simply strolling along and minding its own business in a hallucinogenic fever dream. If this is a taste of what EPROM’s Deadbeats EP is going to be, there’s no telling in which direction the sound design maestro will go.

EPROM also recently released a music video, “Drone Warefare,” that he wrote, produced, directed, and animated.

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