Fyre Festival’s Andy King pleaded to have his Evian water story cut from filmAndy King

Fyre Festival’s Andy King pleaded to have his Evian water story cut from film

Andy King undoubtedly made one of the most impactful impressions on viewers of those featured in the Netflix-produced Fyre Festival documentary, released January 2019. For readers who don’t recognize the name, they may recognize the face due to the now-ubiquitous memes, fashioned in his image, encircling the internet:

During the documentary, King recounts an experience trying to secure a large shipment of Evian water to the island of Exuma for the festival. According to King, festival organizer Billy McFarland had asked him to perform oral sex on a customs official, as the pending import was the only water source for soon-arriving attendees. In a recent interview with TMZ, the event producer admitted that he initially “begged” to have his interview removed from the film:

I went to [the producers] and said ‘Listen, I just talked with my lawyers and some of my creative team and they said, ‘Andy, you’ve got to pull that thing. That cannot go in this documentary.’ And when I sat with the director, he said ‘Andy, you don’t understand, without that scene, there isn’t a documentary…’ And that is an integral part, as you know, of the documentary itself.

It seems the director had just cause for denying King’s plea, as King continued that the scene has ultimately boosted his career in more ways than one:

I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if it had been taken out…how have I’ve become this social media hero over a situation like that, I’m in total shock.

King proceeds that he’s since received various opportunities to do TV, film cameos, and “three offers in the past two weeks to do music festivals.” And rightfully so. If anyone deserves a little karmic justice from the entire Fyre ordeal, it’s King.

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