Giorgio Moroder doesn’t like being called the ‘Godfather of Electronic Music’Giorgio

Giorgio Moroder doesn’t like being called the ‘Godfather of Electronic Music’

Giorgio Moroder is a name with a deep history in the world of electronic music. From producing disco classics to acting as a tastemaker for club music worldwide, many have bestowed him the title of “Godfather of Electronic Music,” though it seems not to be his favorite nickname.

In an interview with The Guardian, Moroder noted, “I do not like being called the godfather of disco and electronic music either. It’s better than being called the grandfather, but I still don’t like it.” Continuing to deconstruct his storied past, he also revealed that he doesn’t find his chart-topping, Donna Summer-featuring, 1977 disco track, “I Feel Love,” to be a danceable song. “Can you dance to it? I don’t even like dancing, but my wife dances quite well a lot.”

Though Moroder claims to not even attend clubs, he is preparing for his first-ever live tour across Europe. The tour is set to capture a “discotheque feeling, [where I can be] spontaneous, not produce some big stiff concert like Hans Zimmer where you cannot change a note.” Uncharted territory for the famed producer, Moroder’s live tour is sure to hold some of the year’s top performances.

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