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Ja Rule wants to stage another Fyre Festival

Ja Rule, the onetime New York rapper turned festival promoter and app developer, wants to take another shot at putting on the “most iconic festival that never was.”

The flames that Fyre Festival famously went down in back in 2017 still continue to burn, already churning out two well-received documentaries and a Lonely Island spoof film underway. Sold as the pinnacle of luxury festival experiences—where attendees could rub shoulders with Instagram models on Pablo Escobar’s remote island and eat foie gras on jet skis—Fyre Festival instead turned out to be a monumental disaster. The event nearly spiraled into a crisis situation with thousands of revelers essentially stranded on a concrete rock in the ocean with hoards of unpaid Bahamian locals demanding their rightful wages. Good god, one man even went as far as preparing to fellate a law enforcement official for clean water. Ultimately, the scam resulted in Fyre Festival’s chief architect, Billy McFarland, serving a six year federal prison sentence on multiple fraud charges.

Now, before we get into ripping festival co-founder Ja Rule too hard, remember,

While Billy is away however, Ja is apparently hard at work with his own new venture, ICONN. Similar to the Fyre app, ICONN aims to connect people with high profile talent like Cardi B and Snoop Dogg for private event bookings. When recently questioned in an airport, the rapper recently told TMZ,

“In the midst of chaos is opportunity. I’m working on a lot of new things.”  [Fyre] is most iconic festival that never was. I have plans to create the iconic music festival, but you didn’t hear it from me.”

“Iconic” is an interesting choice of words here. Sounds like some second rate marketing campaign for Ja’s ICONN platform is already in the works.

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