Jeremy Olander’s ‘Docks’ oozes class [EP Review]Jeremy Olander Docs

Jeremy Olander’s ‘Docks’ oozes class [EP Review]

It’s been a moment since the progressive world has been blessed with a Jeremy Olander release. The prodigious Swede has been enormously busy as of late, balancing his personal life with appearances on the Cercle series, managing a relentless world tour schedule, and of course, running his now-renowned Vivrant imprint. However, the wait always proves to be worth it, and such is the case with Olander’s brand new Docks EP.

The two-tracker shows off a new stage of Olander’s artistic evolution, in which he continues to synthesize new influences he’s picked up along the way into his own sound. Title track “Docks” opens things up on an atmospheric note, with a cavernous build and warm analog synth riffs that snake through layers of harmony and toned-down percussion. It’s explosive, yet introspective, built to keep heads down on the dance floor in hypnosis.

“Brando” is a bit more on the emotive side, with melancholic melodies that build in their power as the the tune progresses and eventually let loose into a dreamlike state post breakdown. Subtle hi hats make for a pleasurable touch. It would appear that Olander has been taking a page out of Stephan Bodzin’s book in this tune in terms of its overall emotive qualities and abundance of warm synths; that being said, “Brando” stands completely on its own as a bonafide Jeremy tune. Overall, Docks is another class EP from a top producer in his field, and it meets the standard one has come to expect from the progressive stalwart.


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