Kaskade to release third EP in Redux family, ‘Redux 003’Kaskade Live Credit Rukes

Kaskade to release third EP in Redux family, ‘Redux 003’

Kaskade fans, prepare to be “disarmed”—the third installment in Kaskade’s Redux EP series is on its way. The arrival of Redux 003 will mark the first release in the Redux family since 2017’s seven-track Redux 002. Redux 002 invited featured artists, LöKii, Mr. Tape, and Late Night Alumni, to blend their own unique sounds into the deeper side of Kaskade’s aesthetic. The sleek, melodic mellifluousness of Redux 002’s sound further exemplified the brand’s auditory concept.

Despite the centrality of the live experience to Kaskade’s Redux vision, Redux 003 will not be accompanied by a tour. Kaskade will instead offer fans a larger than usual Redux show, in place of a multi-date Redux initiative. The “Fun” producer has yet to divulge the details of the Redux 003 event that will follow the forthcoming EP, or the formal release date of the third offering in Redux’s sonic saga.

A return to the roots not only of dance music, but of the earlier stages of Kaskade’s career, Redux is Kaskade’s effort to recreate the affective intimacy of smaller dance clubs, home to classic house sound.

Are you ready for #REDUX 003?? pic.twitter.com/4udb2JbOdb

— Kaskade (@kaskade) January 30, 2019

Photo Credit: Rukes

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