Marc Houle debuts on DIRTYBIRD with acidic EPMinAndSoda Insta

Marc Houle debuts on DIRTYBIRD with acidic EP

The past few months have been a time of evolution for the DIRTYBIRD brand, which has been consistently stepping outside its status quo to feature an array of new artists and sounds. Their latest signing comes from seasoned veteran Marc Houle, who’s instilled his hardware mastery into a blistering two-tracker dubbed Min And Soda. What he’s come up with manages to fit in well with the label’s explosive aesthetic, while standing out as a unique and rather left-field addition to the catalog.

“Min And Soda” shows no mercy as the EP’s A-side. Synth stabs thunder down upon the listener, breaking into the skull to allow for more stripped-back, yet effective percussions and touches of acid to invade and remain stuck in there long after finish. This track is more than likely going to be heard on the wide festival and club circuit during the coming months. “Car And Driver,” on the other hand, hits hard on the low end, melting the mind with vibrating acid lines and pops of retro synths—a sneaky beast, indeed.

Order a copy of ‘Min And Soda,’ out now, here

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