Martin Garrix & Bonn make another anthem in ‘No Sleep’No Sleep Martin Garri Bonn

Martin Garrix & Bonn make another anthem in ‘No Sleep’

The wait for Martin Garrix‘  second collaboration with Bonn is finally over, with “No Sleep” landing on streaming platforms promptly at midnight CET on February 21. Their last partnership bore an uplifting result in “High On Life,” which enamored the EDM community with its sentimental lyrics and euphoria-inducing big room drops. Thus, fans were overjoyed to hear just after Valentine’s day that these two powerhouses had entered the studio together once again.

They’ve dubbed their new work together, “No Sleep.” This tune is a bit on the calmer side compared to their last, with a heavier focus on its instrumental parts and Bonn’s warm voice. That said, the track is oozing with the mainstream appeal that Garrix has mastered, and has just enough energy to it to be adaptable to both the main stage and at home listening.


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