MK drops dance-friendly remix of Elderbrook’s ‘Old Friend’ELDERBROOK Credit FIONA GARDEN

MK drops dance-friendly remix of Elderbrook’s ‘Old Friend’

The hypnotic pulse of Elderbrook‘s “Old Friend” beats anew in Marc Kinchen‘s (MK) remix of theĀ Old Friend EP’s eponymous inclusion. The head bob-inducing original sourced much of its entrancing character from its looping vocal hook and vibrating bass beat. “Old Friend” emerged as an exercise in listener captivation, with its quivering, house-inflected synth work, and tonal coolness.

“Cola’s” tonal cousin, “Old Friend” gains a slightly quicker BPM in MK’s take. MK picks up the pace to prime Elderbrook’s tune for dance floor rotation, creating contrast between Elderbrook’s more viscous version of “Old Friend” and MK’s re-imagination thereof. While MK’s alterations aren’t drastic, they are nevertheless perceptible adjustments that augment the track’s arresting aesthetic personality. MK adds tasteful, unimposing percussive elements at different junctures in the tune, to heighten the sensory listening experience. Dark synths strike briefly in the background to cement yet another magnetic showing from the “17” hit-maker.

Photo credit: Fiona Garden

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