Premiere: The Midnight shine on synthwave remix of SYML’s ‘Clean Eyes’The Midnight Photo Credit Timothy Chan

Premiere: The Midnight shine on synthwave remix of SYML’s ‘Clean Eyes’

After releasing their nostalgia-fueled Kids LP in September, Los Angeles-based synthwave duo The Midnight continue their tour de force into 2019 with new material: a remix for SYML.

SYML’s “Clean Eyes” initially came out the same week as Kids. Its upbeat, catchy vibe caught the ears of listeners across the country, leading the track into the top 30 on Billboard‘s alternative charts. Upon its release, SYML told Nettwerk Music Group that “Clean Eyes” was a “fun challenge” to create because of “the contrast between the intimate lyrics and anthemic choruses.”

Here, months later, The Midnight’s Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle have leaned into the song’s intimate lyrics to craft something that’s wistful and introspective. Their retro take on the track uses ’80s-inspired synths and dreamy melodies to create a completely different mood. The dramatic synth stabs and filtered harmonies shape a new way to digest SYML’s vocals, and the final product is a beautifully slow-burning synthwave production that fits perfectly with SYML’s wistful lyrics.

“I’ve been a fan of [McEwan] for a minute,” SYML told DA. “I absolutely love what he did with the song. It’s one thing to slap some synths and beats on something and call it a remix. What The Midnight brings is another level.”

The Midnight’s “Clean Eyes” remix beautifully encompasses the concepts the duo build their music around: the sad beauty of seeing time pass and the aching awareness of impermanence.

Photo credit: Timothy Chan

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