Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen announce forthcoming Knife Party EP, new Pendulum music completeKnife Party Live

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen announce forthcoming Knife Party EP, new Pendulum music complete

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are doubling down on new music in 2019. The pair of Aussie producers plan to release an EP under their Knife Party moniker, and intend to also debut new Pendulum content with Paul Harding. Listeners of Knife Party’s fledgling podcast, Knifecast will likely not find the news of a forthcoming Knife Party EP much of a surprise. The “Internet Friends” creators have utilized Knifecast as a platform to share IDs since the podcast’s September 2018 inception. The succession of sonic sneak peeks that Knife Party have so consistently offered fans via Knifecast was no subtle indicator that the pair had been logging hours in the studio, although Swire and McGrillen have only now confirmed that an EP is complete, during Knifecast’s most recent installment. Swire and McGrillen shared that they have not only finished the currently nameless EP, but will submit the project to their label by week’s end. The EP will notably be Knife Party’s first since 2015’s Trigger Warning.

Swire and McGrillen additionally imparted that they have brand spanking new Pendulum music waiting in the wings, “ready to go.” While that information will undoubtedly please Pendulum fans, Swire and McGrillen were adamant that they will not play the unreleased Pendulum music prior to its official release. Neither producer offered specifics on just how much Pendulum material they have loaded in the chamber, or when listeners can expect said material to debut. Knife Party and Pendulum fans alike can tune in to the most recent episode of Knifecast to learn more.

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