After year-long hiatus, Sciarra returns with ‘Back For More’Sciarra E1550954811973

After year-long hiatus, Sciarra returns with ‘Back For More’

Imogen Heap fans have their newest fix in electronic-pop artist Sciarra and the new and refreshing dynamic she brings to the electronic music scene. Her vocals serve as the focal point of her releases, but heavy synthesizers mix brilliantly with building orchestral drops to create an interesting blend of components.

In 2018, Sciarra took a break from releasing music to reinvent her sound, and first single “Back for More” is a testament to the success of her reinvention. Sciarra spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the release:

“‘Back For More’ is about when you are in a toxic relationship with someone but you can’t let each other go. No matter how bad it gets, you both keep coming back for each other. It’s a song about a past relationship. I wrote it with hopes that others will relate and know they are not alone in these situations.”

The dark and cinematic track transports listeners into the flurry of emotions that listeners experience when facing similarly toxic situations themselves. “Back for More” is out now on Hinky.

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