Shlohmo releases dark, ruminative second single from forthcoming LP,  ‘Rock Music’05 Shlohmo E1551314162336

Shlohmo releases dark, ruminative second single from forthcoming LP, ‘Rock Music’

Shlohmo issues streamers a fuller vision of the sound that will characterize the WeDidIt founder’s forthcoming album, The End. The enigmatic producer’s first extended offering since 2015’s Dark RedThe End remains elusive in the technics of its style, but appears decidedly apocalyptic. Shlohmo articulated the conceptual basis of The End as one “vaguely about the end of the world, but from the viewpoint of smoking on the couch during the extinction event. Reading a nice book while the meteor hits.” The tranquil quiet in the midst of chaos that guides Shlohmo’s vision for The End translated on the LP’s debut eponymous single.

Shlohmo now turns the page in the metaphorical book, via the release of another cut from the incoming project, “Rock Music.” “Rock Music” parallels “The End” in its deliberate distortion of the electronic elements that comprise the track. Glitchy plucks of a guitar shift atop a snarling bass line. Percussive breaks just before the song’s midway point accent shrill tones that effect a general sense of eeriness, albeit of a temperate, unimposing nature. If listeners needed further explanation of Shlohmo’s premise for The End, they’ll find it audibly in “Rock Music.”



Photo Credit: Philip Cosores

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