Wolfgang Gartner – EctoplasmWolfgang Gartner Ectoplasm

Wolfgang Gartner – Ectoplasm

“Ectoplasm” is Wolfgang Gartner‘s entrance into 2019, and a cunning one at that. The tune takes the veteran producer’s classic aesthetic of creeping electro melodies and high emphasis on funk, but pumps sonic steroids into the mix. It doesn’t take long before the 4/4 kicks patter off into bone-shattering bass and robotic synths that devour all in their path. He’s certainly showing no mercy on this number, and it makes one wonder if he’s heading in a heavier direction for 2019.

The new release follows up his six-piece Medicine EP from November, which bears similar motifs. Its tracks saw a mashup of the electro house influences that gave rise to the Wolfgang sounds with contemporary bass house—much like “Ectoplasm” bears the same foundation, albeit with dubstep as its standout mixer.