Zedd surprise-releases first single, music video of 2019: the Katy Perry-assisted ‘365’Zedd Press Photo

Zedd surprise-releases first single, music video of 2019: the Katy Perry-assisted ‘365’

Forget the chocolate, forget the flowers. Zedd sends his fans a valentine that won’t melt, won’t wilt this Valentine’s Day: his first production of 2019, “365.” The release of the Katy Perry-assisted single signifies months of suspense that have now come to fruition. Shortly after Zedd’s name appeared alongside Perry’s for some select stops on Perry’s 2018 WITNESS World Tour, Zedd disclosed that he and Perry had logged some studio hours in their off-stage time, when Australian radio host, Smallzy, asked if there was “any song happening” with Perry during an interview with “The Middle” hit-maker. Zedd quickly qualified his statement that he and Perry had been “working.” I always wanted to release a song with her, so if we all get lucky, then maybe we’ll finish the song and it will come out, and if not, then maybe another time,” Zedd said.

The uncertainty has dissipated, to leave a refined finished product in its wake. “365” evidences the sonic symbiosis of Zedd and Perry’s studio presence. Perry’s arresting vocal lends a sexy edge to the track, as she articulates the tune’s lyrics, co-written by both Zedd and Perry. No stranger to the cyclical captivation that a looping chorus exudes when coupled with an alluring beat, Zedd scripts an arrangement that is nothing short of irresistible in the rhythmics of its sound. The official music video for “365” presents a conceptual narrative that visually chronicles an alter-ego AI Katy Perry’s attempts to forge a human connection with Zedd.

With Katy Perry’s prowess in the pop sphere and Zedd’s penchant for the vocal-centric electronic/pop hybrid considered, a collaboration entailing the talents of both artist and producer feels a natural next step in the progressing course of Zedd’s musical career. Arriving on the heels of Zedd’s final showing of 2018, “Lost In Japan (Remix),” “365” is a single that conveys a specific message in its status as Zedd’s first of the year: the momentum that Zedd harnessed in 2018 certainly won’t falter.

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