Alessia Cara taps DEVAULT for official remix of ‘Out of Love’Devault Out Of Love Remi

Alessia Cara taps DEVAULT for official remix of ‘Out of Love’

DEVAULT adds another high-profile remix to his slate of official remixes, this time in the form of his rendition on Alessia Cara‘s “Out of Love.” The producer shows he has mastered dark sonic foreshadowing as eerie chords lead into raw house notes, blending with stunning vocals to create a polarizing whole with his spin on “Out of Love.”

DEVAULT is known for a sound that can be all over the map. Whether he is producing hip-hop or tropical house, the producer manages to infuse his own unique and retro flair into his soundscapes. DEVAULT spoke about his remix in an official release, stating, “I was beyond thrilled to be given this opportunity to do a remix for Alessia, she’s so gifted. The goal was to take this vocal and give it more of a night drive feeling, and we created a small visual to connote that exact idea.”

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