Au5 taps Danyka Nadeau for transportive single, ‘Eden’Au5 Fb E1551551442994

Au5 taps Danyka Nadeau for transportive single, ‘Eden’

Lifelong musician Au5 has thrilled fans for years with his unique, complex brand of melodic dubstep and surrounding genres. Fans can always count on the meticulous producer to create songs with flawless sound design, and his Monstercat latest, “Eden,” is no exception.

He crafts an ethereal introduction initially, launching longtime collaborator Danyka Nadeau‘s vocals for added emotion. Her voice soars in the bridge, and Au5 steadily builds anticipation with crescendoing percussion. The drop hits in fine style, favoring heavenly melodies over thumping bass or gnarly wubs. “Eden” is packed with the same blissful, goosebump-inducing qualities that endeared listeners to his music in the beginning, creating feelings of nostalgia for all who listen.

He also recently uploaded his downtempo set from The Ogden in Denver, for those seeking a diverse hour of ambient production.

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