The Chainsmokers will be releasing a new album in 2019Games 6 Galen Oakes

The Chainsmokers will be releasing a new album in 2019

Fans of The Chainsmokers have learned to expect chart-topping pop collaborations from the electronic music-bred Alex Pall and Drew Taggart who comprise the superstar group. While catchy crossover releases have catapulted The Chainsmokers into pop culture notoriety, their first release of 2019 took even the most mainstream Chainsmokers lovers by surprise after they announced they were teaming up with Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer for single “Who Do You Love.” They subsequently announced that they would be embarking upon a North American tour with the group in a move that has been arguably The Chainsmokers’ most “mainstream” to date.

They’ve have now taken to Twitter to announce that the collaboration will be the first song featured on their forthcoming album, which will be titled World War Joy. The album is set to be released in 2019. While the album announcement is unexpected, it’s not surprising given the amount of new music The Chainsmokers have been teasing. No track list or collaborators other than 5 Seconds of Summer have been announced yet, but the duo are certainly finding a way to keep fans on their toes as they continue to release a wide variety of singles and long-form projects.

Photo credit: Galen Oakes / ESPN Images

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