The Chemical Brothers release video and remix teaser for new track ‘We’ve Got to Try’Chemical Brothers Weve Got To Try 1

The Chemical Brothers release video and remix teaser for new track ‘We’ve Got to Try’

Adding another music video into the mix of those accompanying tracks off upcoming album, No Geography, The Chemical Brothers have unveiled a zany visual appendage for “We’ve Got to Try,” joining “Got to Keep On,” “MAH,” and “Free Yourself” among No Geography tracks to receive music video treatments. The album is set for release April 12.

The video follows the journey of a stray dog who gets taken in by a science lab and trained to use robotic arms that eventually lead it to drive a race car, pilot a rocket ship, and garner the attention of the high-science community. Directed by Ninian Doff —who showed no signs of slacking with the preposterous and uncanny  elements juiced up in both plot, acting expressions, and visuals— “We’ve Got to Try” is a strange delight that works incredibly well with the track’s dark techno undertones, rapid-fire synths, and some sweet vocals for juxtaposition.

In the context of the video, the lyrics, “Yes I know we can make it girl / If we just try / We’ve got to try,” take on an eery meaning with respect to the dog and experimentation. However, through a mostly exaggerated and somewhat sardonic depiction of science and discovery, there are glimmers of redemption in the unorthodox relationship between the stray and the female trainer.

The English electronic music veterans also released a record-breaking three-second remix of “We’ve Got to Try.” Named “WGTT 15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX,” the remix clocks in at 15,000 BPM; the cut was made for Formula 1 with the purpose of having the remix match the revolutions per minute that a modern F1 car could produce.


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