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DubVision and Syzz exert collaborative bliss on debut joint single, ‘Enlighten Me’

The introduction of DubVision and Syzz’s newly released collaboration, “Enlighten Me,” poses one specific question: when will these producers work together next? It’s an inquiry that listeners will inevitably ponder, given the potent sonic synergy of DubVision and Syzz’s individual styles on “Enlighten Me,” a single that fuses the distinctive techniques of each artist’s sound with fluid precision, and a dance-friendly beat to boot. “Enlighten Me”‘s upbeat chord¬†assemblage highlights the song as a particularly energetic, vibrant offering from the first few opening seconds.

The co-creators loop the track’s vocal hook, creating a lyrical rhythm that rises in complementary fashion with the melody. The hook isn’t one to sing along to; it’s one to shout along to. This anthemic quality renders “Enlighten Me” a number well-suited for play during the 2019 festival season.

DubVision and Syzz cite “Enlighten Me” as the vibrant product of many hours in the studio.

“We’ve been working on a collab for about a year and a half,” the DJs said in a press release. “With ‘Enlighten Me,’ we all had a great feeling from the start. The first demo was done quite quickly, after which we took our time to perfect the details. In the end, we managed to get a perfect combination of groove and melody that perfectly represents the sound of both DubVision and Syzz.”

Photo Credit: Ryan Troy

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