Gorgon City release seductive music video for club-ready ‘Delicious’ trackGorgon City Delicious

Gorgon City release seductive music video for club-ready ‘Delicious’ track

Gorgon City released a music video alongside their new track, “Delicious,” off their Realm imprint in a partnership with Astralwerks. The track presents the duo’s familiar bass sound center stage, while house percussion elements flutter around sensual club vocals using sibilance to their advantage. The bassline plays both the main character in the verse and an amplified protagonist during the drop. In the video, a theme consistent with the title of the tack depicts a montage of fast-moving close-up shots acting more as a visualizer than a constructed narrative.

“Delicious” looks to rock the Miami Music Week clubs as the preceding track to the North London tag team’s weekend festivities, then again at Coachella a couple weeks later. 2019 has seen some deep releases from the house tandem, and with summer approaching, these first tastes might play a critical role in their coming sets.

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