Meet Arthur Dubois, the 72-year-old grandpa producing trapArt Dubs

Meet Arthur Dubois, the 72-year-old grandpa producing trap

Old ain’t nothing but a number, and Arthur Dubois is telling it like it is. The 72-year-old grandfather and Chicago resident caught the attention of Windy City rapper Add-2, who tweeted a now-viral video of Dubois’ beats. The tweet has racked up more than 17,000 likes after being posted on March 4 and caught the attention of outlets like XXL and Buzzfeed News with overwhelmingly positive reactions from people online.

Dubois’ journey started six years ago when he decided to give producing a try. He discovered trap in his sixties and was drawn to it as it was a sub-genre that didn’t exist during his time. As he kept improving his producing abilities as a hobby, he finally committed to seeking feedback, leading him to Haven Studios where he met the owner Andre “Add-2” Daniels and asked him if he could play him a beat.

While Daniels originally hesitated, he gave Dubois a shot and was immediately taken aback by the quality.

“When I heard his music I was in complete disbelief because you wouldn’t expect him to make this style of music, to be able to do it well, and to appreciate it as music, where sometimes our elders don’t see it as music,” Daniels said.

Dubois has been since been coming into Haven Studios almost daily to work with Daniels on arranging and mixing his songs as well as set up his Twitter. His story has resonated and inspired the community in a heartwarmingly beautiful message that says it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

“A person can do whatever they want to — if they want to do it, let them do it,” Dubois told Buzzfeed News.

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Photo credit: Andre “Add-2” Daniels

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