Illenium evokes emotive electronic sound in new single, ‘Pray’Illenium 1

Illenium evokes emotive electronic sound in new single, ‘Pray’

Ever adept at striking a balance between expressive supplicatory lyrics, temperate melodies, and bass, Illenium illustrates his ability to seamlessly blend these elements in his new single, “Pray.” The emotive number sources its vocal contribution from featured artist, Kameron Alexander, whose raspy vocal tone lends a ruggedness to the track’s soft, mellifluous opening. Gentle guitar plucks undergird Alexander’s vocal, to guide the song to a lush, future bass-leaning flood of sound that serves as the song’s first drop.

The placidity of “Pray” eventually gives way to what materializes as a sonic plot twist, a gritty dubstep bridge that lends an edge to the single’s sedative character. Illenium listeners will recognize “Pray” as the ID that Illenium originally debuted during his recent performance at Atlanta’s Believe Music Hall in February.

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