M83 soundtrack forthcoming film, ‘Knife + Heart,’ share first project single [Stream]M83 Anthony Gonzalez

M83 soundtrack forthcoming film, ‘Knife + Heart,’ share first project single [Stream]

M83 constituents Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau haven’t worked together since 2003—until now. Gonzalez and Fromageau rejoin creative forces on the newly produced soundtrack to Knife + Heart, a thriller film directed by Gonzalez’s brother, Yann Gonzalez. Knife + Heart furthers Anthony Gonzalez’s foray into soundtrack production, to materialize as the second soundtrack that Gonzalez has written to date. Gonzalez previously assumed writing duties for Yann’s 2013 film, You and the Night.

“We wanted to recapture the Giallo ambiance of the ’70s, to feel that sinister yet sentimental tone,” Yann Gonzalez said in a press release. “Anthony and I are both poetical and even sentimental, in a certain way. We wanted to dive in headlong, particularly as melancholy and poetry are found in numerous ’70s horror film soundtracks, from films by Lucio Fulci to those by Mario Bava. I’m thinking in particular of the harrowing soundtracks of Don’t Torture a Duckling or Twitch of the Death Nerve.

Although the soundtrack will arrive on March 8, those curious about what Gonzalez and Fromageau’s artistic synergy will sound like 15 years after their last release—2003’s Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts—can preview what remains to come on the soundtrack via “Karl.” The sole single to precede the soundtrack’s full-length debut, “Karl” is a synth rich number that induces a distinctive kind of euphoria, from the first second that it floods listeners’ speakers.


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