One person injured following shooting near SXSWSSW Credit Gary Miller FilmMagic

One person injured following shooting near SXSW

A shooting on 6th street and San Jacinto in Austin—an area known for hosting several different SXSW events—has left one person injured as of Sunday, March 17 when the event unfolded. Police were able to move in on the culprit within minutes, luckily, avoiding a potentially lethal situation that could have taken lives.

Witnesses described a scene of chaos during the wee hours of Sunday morning, running away in a stampede fashion after hearing the telling “pop” of the weapon. Paramedics arrived to the scene to find one person injured by a gun wound. No other injuries or deaths have been reported since the incident, thanks to the swift police intervention. The thriving nightlife area is patrolled even more heavily by police during SXSW, which started this year on March 8 and ended on the night of the 17.

This isn’t the first shooting happening at SXSW; in 2016 a similar event occurred. The night of the shooting on Sunday saw three separate shootings total across Austin that led to five hospitalizations. No further extreme violence was reported as the festival wound to a close.


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Photo Credit: Gary Miller/Film Magic

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