Premiere: Tiger Stripes – GuidelinesTRUE12115 Artwork Tiger Stripes Guidelines

Premiere: Tiger Stripes – Guidelines

Ever the cheeky talent, Tiger Stripes has returned to his compatriot Adam Beyer‘s Truesoul with an uplifting new EP titled, Sneaking Hotdogs Into People’s Pockets. Similarly to his last release on the imprint, the cheerfully quirky Sound Of The Bettest, his newest two-tracker also plays around with retro sounds to create an infectious atmosphere that gives way to an auditory trip down memory lane. The producer is clearly an expert at creating a mood in each of his singles.

Take B-side “Guidelines,” which harkens back to the wave of 80s & disco-inspired tunes that came out during the aughts. Its simple, yet catchy hook even bears a comparable arrangement to Eric Prydz’ infamous “Call On Me;” yet “Guidelines” feels a bit more modern and timeless in its ultimate construction. Vintage vocal clips held down by driving, toughened percussion make “Guidelines” adaptable to the peak time in its power level—and primed to elevate moods wherever it’s played.

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