RAC tickles the ivories on new ‘Closer’ EPRAC Photo Credit Claire Marie Vogel

RAC tickles the ivories on new ‘Closer’ EP

2019 sees Grammy-winning Portuguese artist RAC taking a new direction.

In his first release of the year, RAC has gone a classical route by composing a four-track piano-centric EP. He originally created the body of music for the Oregon Ballet Theatre, having developed an interest in the company after attending performances with his wife in 2017. The producer worked with four different choreographers to write something specifically for each of them (hence the track names), and the final product is a beautifully emotive compilation, making its widespread debut on Counter Records March 12.

“It was quite liberating to throw away every songwriting convention and write something purely emotional,” RAC said in a release. “Writing for ballet has its own set of challenges, but after years of writing pop songs, it was so much fun to try something so different.”

This EP follows a slew of wide-ranging releases for RAC in 2018, including remixes of Gordi‘s “We Can Work It Out,” Lemaitre‘s “Rocket Girl,” and Billy Idol‘s “Dancing with Myself,” along with a collaboration with Mat Kearney in March.

Photo credit: Claire Marie Vogel

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