The Radar 123: Mixed by KolomboKolombo Press Shot Uncredited

The Radar 123: Mixed by Kolombo

Belgium is a breeding ground of class talent, and Kolombo is one of those keeping the country at the top of its game. The veteran producer maintains a staunch commitment toward experimentalism and sonic evolution, building a vast and diverse catalog across a number of aliases that has led to his work being heard in a variety of settings. As a DJ, Kolombo draws upon his multitude of influences to craft carefully laid-out, unique journeys with each set that play perfectly to each venue he plays at.

With this in mind, Kolombo makes for a perfect Radar contributor. He’s submitted a spirited one-hour house mix, whose deep grooves, smooth transitions, and cheery track selection make for an uplifting listen. Listen closely, and his newest track off DIRTYBIRD‘s 2019 Miami Compilation, “O Ride O Ride,” which features a timeless mashup of classic rave elements and elrow-esque levels of quirky editing. It’s made to light up the Space dancefloor when the label players take over the Miami superclub during Miami Music Week on March 29.

Pre-order a copy of the compilation here, and make sure to keep watch on Kolombo as he continues to climb the house ranks.

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